Astaxanthin As A Perfect Antioxidant

Astaxanthin is a newly discovered antioxidant, and is said to be much more powerful than antioxidants such as vitamin E or beta-carotene. Antioxidants are known to help combat disease, so a new powerful one such as astaxanthin is welcome, particularly to those who don’t want to put up with the side-effects of conventional drugs.
Astaxanthin is said to be 500 times more powerful than vitamin E, which means it will be able to deal with free radicals and other things that damage health very quickly. Astaxanthin has also been shown to improve brain performance while helping digestive and reproductive systems.
Because astaxanthin can help reduce inflammation, it may well help people with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. Astaxanthin is a bright pink. It is 500 times more powerful than vitamin E.
Not only is astaxanthin shown to be 500 times more effective than vitamin E, but it is also reported to be ten times better than beta-carotene as an antioxidant. Astaxanthin can also help the actions of vitamin C and vitamin E so it would work well in a compound that included all three antioxidants.
Also, astaxanthin may protect against UVA and UVB light. Remarkably, astaxanthin can help both the brain and the eyes – most substances of this type are unable to enter these areas. Astaxanthin is therefore a possible powerful anti-aging aid.
If that’s not all, astaxanthin has been shown in trials to decrease levels of the harmful LDL cholesterol in the blood, improve men’s sperm quality, and retard enlargement of the prostate. It could therefore be an important antioxidant in reducing the risk of heart disease.

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