Mercury in Fish

It has been found that mercury, which is found in fish, increases the risk of heart attacks. A study which found this situation in nine countries compared 664 heart attack patients with 724 people who acted as a control – they had normal risk of heart attacks.

Patients with the highest amounts of mercury in their bodies (measured in toenail samples) were more than twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack than those with the lowest amounts.

The substance found was methyl mercury which is found only in people who eat fish. In particular, it is found in shark, tuna and trout. Tuna is now eaten by a very large number of people, especially in salads and sandwiches.

This methyl mercury increases the production of free radicals in the body, which are harmful to body cells. It has been concluded that methyl mercury contributes to these heart attacks.

This is bad news for people who recommend fish as a good source of omega 3 oil which reduce clotting in the arteries and thus protect against heart disease. It now seems that the methyl mercury negates this benefit. So, you’d better switch from fish to plant-based food for omega 3 oils.

Here is another reason why it is healthier to eat predominantly plant-based meals. Omega 3 can be obtained from flax sees oil or linseed oil, both of which can be added to salads, or used to make salad dressings. However, flax oil should be kept in the fridge to prevent it oxidizing.

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