Way of a Better Person

What makes someone a better person? No-one is going to agree on the answer to this question. The evidence of history points to those who have lived exemplary lives: the saints, spiritual masters, and holy men.

These heroes have been peaceful, not war-mongering; honest, not dishonest; loving, not hating; forgiving, not blaming; just, not unjust etc. In other words, they have achieved the highest human virtues.

In our modern society, these virtues have been degraded and belittled. Other characteristics like physical beauty, wealth, success in a chosen career, fame as in a sporting personality or film or pop star, and other outer accomplishments are more admired and prized.

You will notice that the spiritual heroes have inner qualities while the modern heroes have outer accomplishments. It is true, however, that modern heroes will possess certain inner qualities as well, for example, determination and perseverance. But even a cursory glance will reveal that they lack most of the qualities of the saints.

Each person must make up their own mind with regard to the course their life will follow. There are two main choices: outer accomplishment or inner accomplishment. Few have achieved both.

Outer accomplishment may bring wealth, success, and fame, provided you have talent, ability, determination, and perseverance. But the Personal Growth goals of love, happiness, freedom, and peace of mind will be difficult to find.

Inner accomplishment will bring greater love, happiness, freedom, and peace of mind than most people experience. Success is also very possible. Wealth and fame will not really be an issue for the person seeking inner accomplishments because they become meaningless. They actually prevent inner accomplishments.

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